• LilyMOM2


    Lily the Lion is our July Member of the Month!  I cannot believe it has been almost 3 years since she has joined.  I remember thinking that she was a

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  • wineaerobics


    CrossFit Storrs will be hosting a WOD & WINE night! On Saturday, July 11th at 6pm we will start the night off with a short workout. Then its on to

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  • 2015-leaderboard

    CFS 2015 Open Leaderboard

    Track your fellow CFS athletes throughout the Open on our new CrossFit Open custom leaderboard! If you’re registered for the Open, you can also build your own leaderboards to see

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  • free-membership-860

    Free Membership for a Year?!

    Attention CFS members!! How does a free membership for a year sound?  Interested?  If so, we will be running a referral contest.  For every person you bring to the gym

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Latest in WODs

Wednesday, July 22


WOD 5rds for time 10 Curtis P. +100m sandbag run *every time you drop the sandbag you owe 2 burpees!   1 Sandbag Curtis P = the following (without setting down the sandbag) Sandbag Clean to Front Rack Position Lunge on Left Leg Lunge on Right Leg Push Press

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