• crossfit-infinity-memorial-day-murph

    Memorial Day Murph

    On Monday, May 25th we will be honoring our service men and women, past and present by doing Murph.  There will only be ONE class at 11am.  Immediately following we

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  • MayMOM


    Kelly has only been with us a short time, but in that time she has become a pint sized power house! I LOVE seeing how hard Kelly works and how

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  • 2015-leaderboard

    CFS 2015 Open Leaderboard

    Track your fellow CFS athletes throughout the Open on our new CrossFit Open custom leaderboard! If you’re registered for the Open, you can also build your own leaderboards to see

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  • free-membership-860

    Free Membership for a Year?!

    Attention CFS members!! How does a free membership for a year sound?  Interested?  If so, we will be running a referral contest.  For every person you bring to the gym

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Latest in WODs

Saturday, May 23


WOD 20 tire flips (together, same tire) 100 DU 75 box jumps 50 hang cleans 75 deadlift 100 ab mat 20 tire flips *same bar for cleans and deadlift *Other than tire flips – while one person is working on reps, other is in a plank hold. May split up reps however they want to.

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Friday, May 22


No 6pm class tonight  Strength Bench 1×5 light 1×4 moderate 4×1 heavy WOD *get a partner* 4 RFT 400m run Max thrusters *while one partner runs, the other does the thrusters and vice versa until each person does four rounds. The partner with more thrusters “wins,” but really, we’re all winners. The time and total thrusters are recorded

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